How to come to your senses after being fired?


Hearing that you are fired and having experienced the first burst of emotion, do not go into deep reflection on what you did wrong. Such questions will arise with you, but don’t let them occupy all your thoughts. This situation has already been left behind, and you are not ready to draw conclusions for the future.


Take care of your self-esteem. Your dismissal does not make you a loser or a bad specialist. It’s possible that this happened for reasons beyond your control. To finally not get out of the rut, instead of self-incrimination remember your merits, victories and achievements. Better capture them on paper. Add to this a list of your values that have stayed with you and after losing your job: family, children, friends, hobbies and experiences. You will see that “collapsed” is not everything, but only part of your “jigsaw” that you replace with a new one.


Complain to everyone in a row is certainly not worth it, but one frank conversation with a loved one will help you look at the situation from the sidelines, conspire. If you don’t find it enough, start keeping a diary describing your thoughts and feelings in it.


Try to get away with dignity by keeping your “face” and normal relationships with colleagues. Change of position will help you to adjust to the right fret. Act like you decide to quit yourself. Thank your fellow soldiers for cooperation, put in order documents and work place.


After the passion is frogged, get to work on the mistakes. Try to figure out what in this situation was up to you and what wasn’t. If you still think you haven’t made enough effort, often late, and so on, try not to repeat it at a new job.
Before you send out a resume, consider whether it’s time to change a profession or move to a higher notch. Firing off can prove a convenient case that will push you to change and develop.

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