How to boost self-esteem: 5 easy and affordable ways


1. Take a sheet of A4 paper and write out all your achievements: a profession in which you are a valuable specialist, your education, courses taken, diplomas, dozens of books read, creative work, birth and development of children.$ Now look at yourself from the sidelines. You are a beautiful, intelligent and kind person with radiant eyes and a big heart!


2. When we doubt ourselves, an inner critic speaks in us. This is a critic of the negative attitudes of parents, our former teachers. Sometimes it’s useful to imagine yourself as a young five-year-old child and come up with a caring adult who will be stroking on the head and talking about what, everything you do is fine.


3. Engage in self-development is the easiest and most honest way to believe in yourself. Doubt your education – read more books, refresh your institutional knowledge, teach foreign languages. Don’t like the body – take up sports, start looking after yourself. Want to learn singing or drawing – sign up for courses and discover a new skill.


4. Body language. Self-development is an important key to gaining self-confidence. However, external presentation and body language are also very important. If you have beautiful clothes or business suit, smile and posture of a confident person, it will be much easier for you to believe in yourself and convince others of it. Because, as A.P.Chekhov said: “Everything must be fine in a person: both face, clothes, thoughts, and soul.”


5. Don’t compare yourself to others, compare yourself to yourself. There are people who have achieved much more success, and there are also those who have achieved nothing. Therefore, it will be much more effective not to sit on the Internet, looking at other people’s photos, but to remember what you were even ten to fifteen years ago. Angled, insecure teenagers turned into beautiful swans! And this is a real reason to be proud!

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