How to believe in your own forces

If robots and doubts interfere with the result, you need to work on yourself.

Remember situations where you behaved decisively

Maybe, defended your rights in the store or beat off a puppy from bullies, or sent a resume to a job you didn’t dare even dream. Scroll through this story in your head. Over time, you realize that you are not as defenseless as you think of yourself now.

Failures happen at everyone. Don’t think about yourself in a negative way, even if there has been a failure. Repeat to yourself: “I’m lucky! I’m always lucky!”. You can read a prayer. Negative thoughts will go away by themselves. Sometimes a difficult day is a signal that it is no longer possible to delay solving long-standing problems. Get yourself a small pocket mascot that will make you believe in your own power.

Drive away feeling of shame

if you put firewood or get into an awkward situation. Remind yourself that only someone who does nothing is wrong. And in a few years you won’t even remember the current failure. Think how to fix the situation, not how to build yourself to punish.

Find people who will support you

Think who of your surroundings encourages ambition and scolds for indecision. And discuss your plans with this man. And those who convince not to rise up and be more modest, do not listen. Most likely, your transformation is not beneficial to them. Timid people are easy to bathe, and a confident person especially won’t command.

Make plans bolder

Happens, behind indecision lies lack of interest. For example, you’re going to ask for a raise at work, but put off the conversation each time. And all because actually don’t like your profession and you, in fact, don’t care what position to serve hard labor. Believe me, it is easier to go to a goal, if it is not imposed by society “need”, but your own dream.

Take care of physical condition

If from constant overwork and underfill does not boil the head, and do not keep the feet, it is difficult to be sure that you will cope with any problem. Take care and love yourself – it’s very important.

Often, such a notion as “self-love” is limited to advice to take a bath or indulge in a rundown. Actually, that’s what it means to love yourself.

You don’t compare yourself to anyone

. And even if you get lost or earn less than before, this is not a reason to scold yourself. You know if personally you need to change, you will. And chasing the approval of others is simply nothing.

Take care of yourself

In case of illness, go to bed and call a doctor, rather than crawl to work out of the last hand. At home, if tired, relax instead of clutching at a mop or preparing a three-course lunch.

Easily accept compliments

It’s okay when people treat you with sympathy. And kind words do not cause you to be ashamed, they say they are undeserved, or to suspect every kindly interlocutor of trickery.

You know that not everyone loves you

and treat it calmly, because you understand that it is impossible to please everyone. You don’t need that.

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