How to become your own in someone elses collective

You’ll need
  • Unfamiliar Collective
  • Confidence
  • Ability to define leader
Once you’ve got into a new environment, it’s best to get to know everyone right away. Don’t say a long welcome speech. It is natural enough to smile and hold hands to the participants of the collective.


Take a look at the behavior of the collective. Define the leader and subordinates. Start communicating with the leader. Note that the hierarchy is consistent in the working team. And in informal company, she’s unspoken. In a friendly collective, no one will want to admit himself as a subordinate. Take that into account.


People in the collective always respond positively to humor. Be a source of laughter for everyone. Learn a couple of jokes or come up with a couple of witty phrases. Everything is in your hands.


The collective loves free booze and snacks, more than humor. If you’re completely unwilling to do anything, then partying with gratuitous treats is the best way out.

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