How to become happy while being poor

The main secrets of happiness in poverty

 There are a mass of both single people and couples who, despite their modest material situation, are joyful, smiling and generally satisfied with their destiny.

And the basic secret here is simple: one must learn not to envy others and abandon impossible desires. The Buddha also said (and the Buddha was very wise) that desires are the cause of human suffering.

It is obvious that if you do not want, for example, a cool car, you will not worry because of its absence either. That goes for a huge number of other things as well.

You just need to set yourself up for the right wave and not pay attention at all to something you don’t have (and most likely, let’s be honest, never show up) money for. It needs to be understood that many expensive items are redundant and meaningless, and life is simple and beautiful.

The second secret is to be able to rejoice in the little things: a walk down the summer street, a favorite TV show on TV, a pleasant dream, a cold ice cream… Ultimately these little things consist of our days, weeks, years.

And one more secret: in no case can you crack yourself for not working in too prestigious work and earning little. Perhaps this job has other virtues. Perhaps you’re just comfortable being in this collective and don’t want to strain too much and experience constant stress.


just need to realize that you yourself chose the path of quiet life, not stiff competition for money. And that choice is worthy of respect. There are many other things in the world that are much more important than careers.

And in general, even if a person has no money, he may well be useful for his environment — acquaintances, friends, relatives. On Sunday, for example, he might help a native grandmother jump up a vegetable garden in the garden. Why not? When a person does good to others, he, as a rule, gets a little better. He has an increased self-esteem and that is very important in this case.

In order to feel happy, it will not be superfluous to find some fascination that will make leisure hours more meaningful. You can compose poems, cook soap, play guitar or pick up another hobby that doesn’t require large investments.

Two — more interesting, one — easier


It’s very healthy when a poor man has a companion (wife or just girlfriend). Two of them, if anything, it’s more interesting. But it must necessarily share his philosophy and approach to life.

If the companion will constantly demand from the man to become successful financially, if she will resent about the absence of any material goods, nothing will work out. The couple drowns in slopes, squabbles and mutual rebukes.

It is

not the fact that a suitable companion will be found, and therefore a man to be happy in poverty needs to be in general self-sufficient and able to accept his loneliness. And in fact, if you figure it out, there are plenty of pros alone.

Poor and happy countries and people

In our society, alas, there is still quite a common misconception, $ that wealth and happiness are almost synonyms. But that’s not the case at all. Even statistics say that. There is a special ranking of countries on the happiness index — World Happiness Report. Data of this rating are published annually, and often it is not the most developed in the economic aspect of the country. So, let’s say, in 2019 on the 27th place in this rating was Guatemala – one of the countries of Central America. At the same time, according to GDP per capita for the same 2019 Guatemala is not even among the top hundred.

And certainly what is relevant to countries is relevant to individuals as well. Which means the poor man can really be happy. But to do that, he needs to work on his inner world, reconcile with himself and not give in to consumerist sentiments.

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