How to become happy in 2017

Waiting for happiness

Planning your future, laying out the past days on shelves, often leave the events of the current time unnoticed. The constant expectation of ephemeral happiness loses the sense of reality. But it may turn out that these real hours of life are the happiest and most significant. How on earth can you become just happy and understand it?

To determine the concept of happiness, it is necessary to formulate for yourself, what by this very concept is meant. For someone, happiness is a seven-figure account in an international bank, for someone it is motherhood, for others it is a quiet and measured life.

Happiness is a concept entirely philosophical. It is the formation of a personal subconscious, aimed at a particular task.

Having formulated the definition of happiness, one can proceed to its “building”.

Happiness in communication

It is necessary to expand the scope of your communication. You don’t have to become a chatter at all. It’s just not worth rejecting casual communication with strangers. It might turn out to be an old lady who just feels good to get a word with someone, or a consultant in a shop. After all, any communication can be turned into a pleasant conversation – even about nothing.

It is not necessary when communicating to divide people by their status. After all, tomorrow you can find yourself in their place. That goes for industrial relations as well. A friendly sociable person has others around him, and this is a step towards success. The

attention and care of your fellow people, parents, children and friends cannot be excluded. After all, often only they can love sincerely and selflessly. And that’s happiness.

In communication, it is worth avoiding people with negative energy. Their negative charge can knock even a strong human spirit out of the rut.

Happiness here and now!

Learning to feel happy every day is not simple words. It’s realistically possible. There are many trainings on improving self-esteem, on internal self-affirmation, on tuning for success and more.

Try assessing the past day. Write two lists of events during the day and give each an estimate. All minor acts should be attributed here, even if they seem silly or insubstantial at first glance. Surely there will be more positive answers. And this suggests that the day did not pass for nothing, that it was saturated with different emotions, that some successes were made.

Then it is necessary to “savor” each positive moment, remember what were pleasant sensations. Next fix them in your mind. It is necessary to accumulate such emotions, add them daily in your “piggy bank”.

Building happiness with your own hands

A good example is the perception of happiness by young children. They rejoice in every moment of life: a new toy, a sunbeam, a mom’s embrace. They don’t hold grievances or make plans for further life. They are happy in the present.

Maybe you should start your day with a smile? Just smile at your reflection in the mirror, smile at an unfamiliar passer-by and employees at work. Even starting to smile forcefully, run into work hormones that are responsible for good mood. And that’s also a little happiness. It

is a mistake to think that by setting yourself some specific goal of success and achieving it, you can become happy. And what happens when it is achieved? The result is received, and there is nowhere else to strive for. Therefore, you should not associate your happiness with reaching certain heights, especially in a career. You need to learn to simply rejoice in life and feel happy, not plan your happiness for tomorrow and not cry about the past years.

The problems that arise should be treated philosophically. Don’t get to fix bugs with a hot head. Solve and eliminate them as they come in. Do not accumulate the mountain, which in the future will not be overcome. Everything and always can be solved. After all, it is not for nothing that says: “It will be moved; it will be flour.”

It’s good to do your favorite thing. Hateful work only poisons existence. So you need to find a liking lesson and get from it not only material well-being, but also pleasure. It’s also happiness, and daily.

Look at life with other eyes, tune in to positive perceptions and live a full life. Here is the pledge of a happy and successful life.

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