How to become a leader

Change yourself. You need to develop leadership qualities, yet remain yourself. It’s not worth wearing a mask and transforming yourself. Get to work on yourself, evaluate your own opportunities and take concrete steps to achieve what you want. Becoming a leader in a week or even a month is almost unrealistic. Typically, this journey lasts at least a year.

Criticize your behavior. Notice your weaknesses and try to fix them. It is best to start a playbook in which you need to note any manifestations of weaknesses. To make the process more interesting, imagine that you write a speaker on some careless employee. Compile acts in the third person, noting absolutely all mistakes and miscues that are incomparable to leadership behavior.

Ask your friends and acquaintances to write down all the negative sides that you, in their opinion, have. Do not be afraid to learn about yourself the truth and do not give in to doubt immediately. Better analyse each item nicely. Then ask you to write a list with specific actions that will help you become a leader.

Keep a history of success. Take note of each achievement in it and analyze. This will create extra motivation for the job.

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