How to be able to stop in the amount of boozes

Feeling measure. Why it is not familiar to all

German and American psychologist of the 20th century Kurt Levin, a figure of extraordinary and highly creative, was extremely interested in the question: why people in many of their own actions do not know the measure? Why athletes bring themselves to death, having already received a cherished medal, why many cannot get rid of constant overeating, smoking, alcoholism? The research resulted in the opening of the mechanism of unfinished business. The basic idea of this theory is that a person cannot stop doing anything (including drinking) because he perceives this action as incomplete. This feeling gives birth within a person huge mental tension and causes pseudo-needs.

In other words, a person has used some amount of alcohol enough to feel light intoxication, and should stop there. But the feast suggests many provoking factors that prevent a person from doing it: for example, when a few more bottles of wine appeared on the table or friends offer a toast to the highly respected comrade. And if the consumption of alcohol is not considered the action complete, then the logical end of the tumultuous foliations will be strong alcohol intoxication with all the consequent consequences. Aroused by an unfinished situation, the brain will not let the person calm down.

Stop taking alcohol. How to stop

In order to be able to stop in the intake of alcohol, you need to remember several rules.

1. Determine for yourself the amount of alcohol, after taking which you will feel light intoxication. Typically, it’s 100 grams of a strong drink — vodka or cognac or a couple of glasses of wine. Strictly establish for yourself that said doses of alcohol are all you can afford. There is no more alcohol for you this holiday.

2. If you know the regulation of the event on which to drink, then stay on it for about 1 hour. So you can skip the main booze. And a little drunk guests will no longer be interested in the fact that your glass is not liquor, but soda.

3. If you want to raise glasses with everyone, but you have already taken your dose of alcohol, fill your glass with juice or mineral water.

4. If you are in the company of relatives or friends with whom to be frank, ask them not to insist on your acceptance of alcohol.

5. Going to a party where it will be difficult to abstain from taking alcohol, take with you a person who sympathizes with you in a bid to limit alcohol intake, and whom you can ask for control your condition.

6. Don’t neglect snacks: if your stomach is constantly filled with food, the cravings for alcohol won’t be as strong.

And perhaps the most important advice: if you’re not sure you can stop by taking alcohol — you don’t need to drink at all. And it is also good to refrain from attending events, where the nail of the program is taking alcohol.

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