How to be a magicier

You’ll need
  • books, internet, magazines

To commit magic, for starters it is necessary to understand clearly what the result needs to be obtained. Present it as detailed as the imagination allows. Try to use all senses — vision, hearing, smell, touch, taste. That is to recreate the picture of wishful thinking, to hear and feel inside it.


Consider exactly what concrete steps will be needed in order to get closer to the desired outcome. Write a detailed step-by-step plan for achieving the goal. Here should be the approximate timing of your actions and the resources you use for them. These can be both material and intangible resources, such as help from friends or colleagues.


Perform your plan starting with the first step. Consistent and purposeful. It is necessary at least once a day for a few minutes to return to the picture of the magic, to see, hear and feel inside it. Celebrate your successes on the way to achieving the goal, for each step done, encourage yourself in favorite ways. It could be your favorite food, watching a movie, going to the theater, anything of what pleases you exactly.


When magic happens and what you dreamed of appears in your life, be sure to enjoy this moment, understand and realize what happened. Be thankful for what you are given, and miracles will happen over and over again! The most important thing about fixing the art of being a wizard is gratitude. It allows you to preserve everything you already have — health, family relations, material well-being — and to receive new and new benefits. In the process of getting a new one, it is very important not to forget what you already have, not to lose it in the rush of striving for new heights. After all, magic is sometimes contained in very simple things that you sometimes do not appreciate, but losing them, you cease to be happy. And happiness is always a bit of magic!

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