How to achieve success and whether someone should be taken with you

And more often than not it’s the ones around you, who you talk to and share your ideas all the time. In most cases, this leads to nothing good.

Imagine that you dribble along a steep staircase to achieve your goal, and you are prevented from this path by people who cannot, nor do they want to go with you, but only envy and throw in a trail of ridicule.

On the 10th floor of this staircase are those who have been able to overcome all barriers and are now rejoicing in a new life. They were able to realize themselves, and now they are entertained and run by those at the bottom and, of course, don’t stop learning something new to move on.

You are so ashamed of the life you now live and the circumstances in which you are constantly staying, and all that environment that constantly blames someone for something, but you can’t make an effort and resolve to rise above the first stage. You are immediately blocked from the road and pulled back. And at the top boils interesting, full of different events, a very different life and only echoes of fun that beckon sometimes you want to howl from hopelessness.

How to achieve success? Will I be able to? Will it work? Will there be enough strength and patience? Doubts do not leave you alone, and enviers and well-wishers step on their heels.

You and only you will have to make a decision, nobody will do anything for you. There will be problems, it will be scary, and more than once you have to retreat, but don’t try to take a fellow traveler, although the two are always more fun. Neither as support nor out of good intentions do you need him. All the way you have to go by yourself. On the way you are bound to meet those who give up and go down, and those who go upstairs next to you, and you will not be alone. Therefore, there is no need to drag someone behind them.


higher you climb the ladder of success, the less the echoes of the losers will be heard from below, but from above there will be those who have failed to overcome all the steps, and they will complain to you, that it is very hard and almost impossible. There are no easy ways. To achieve success there is a lot to overcome and many have already been able to do so. Don’t listen to anyone who constantly noses and says it’s impossible.

Once you walk all the steps and find yourself on the 10th floor, you’ll never want to go back. Perhaps someone looking at you will also be determined to overcome all obstacles and achieve their success, and you will be able to help him by giving clues, but in no case do not come down because you are just on just are pulled from where you’ve been out for so long.

Everyone has to go their own way and overcome all obstacles, the other is simply not given.

To achieve your success you will need: iron willpower, burning desire, high self-esteem and, of course, lack of fear and complete confidence.

If you don’t get something from the listed qualities, then continuous work on yourself and increase the level of knowledge will necessarily lead to the desired result.

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