How to achieve desirable

Setting and analysis

First of all, you need to designate a particular task as specifically as possible. It is worth avoiding vague language or indefinite deadlines. At the same time, it is advisable to objectively assess their capabilities and make additional time for force majeure situations. If you limit yourself to a knowingly unreal time frame, you’re likely to be disappointed in yourself, finding yourself by the appointed deadline only midway through the goal.

Almost any task can be broken down into stages. This is useful because it is easier to achieve small intermediate goals than one global one. Also, stripping lines from the list has a positive effect on mood, stimulating further advances. Finally, such a breakdown will help to better estimate the time required by allowing the deadline to be shifted in time if necessary.

A good way is to visually remind the target, such as a picture of a car on a fridge or computer desktop.

A very useful way is to maximize visualize what you want to achieve in the future. Imagine all the circumstances associated with the goal achieved: your mood, reaction of others, changes that will occur as a result — in general, maximum detail, up to the time of day and weather. This way will add positive emotions to you as well as make you believe in the reality of achieving a goal.

Rules for achieving a goal

Remember that the shortest distance is always straight. Hence, your path to the goal should be as similar as possible to a straight line, albeit broken into segments. To achieve what you want, you need to move only forward, avoiding turns, much less steps in reverse. For example, if you set aside money for vacation or purchase of a car, then using part of the savings for any other purpose and will thus be a step backwards as it will distance you from the final point.

It is important to learn to enjoy the process of achieving the goal, but you must remember all the time that the main thing is the result

It is very important to be able to concentrate on the main goal without allowing other factors to influence the speed of its achievement. The maximum of your attention and all possible energy should be spent precisely on solving the main problem. Try to regularly analyze your actions over a given period to see if you have allowed yourself to be distracted by anything. If you correctly estimated the time, but did not achieve an interim result in the due date, it is likely that your attention was diverted by something outsiders.

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