How the character of a person can be revealed by circumstances


Human psyche is virtually unstudied. Scientists can talk about basic reflexes, but also only. The psychological component is not yet available for study. For example, psychotherapists still find it difficult to say exactly why a person’s character changes so much in extreme situations.


To know a person will truly help only change of circumstances. It is under stress that true character manifests itself. Therefore, one can never say that a man is a coward, or conversely a daredevil, before seeing his behavior in an extreme situation.


It is also not possible to fully know your character. You may be convinced you will never enter the water until you rush to save a sinking child. Or you will be sure that you are able to sit with anyone, until you get into the room a loudly snorting comrade who scatters his socks where he got. Then you’ll realize that your usual behavior is quite superficial, and in fact at heart you’re a completely different person.


Usually people caught up in difficult circumstances never become the same. They understand that the way they behaved before, and what they considered their character is nanosome. They acted on the basis of the perceptions of others about themselves, and tried to meet the requirements of relatives and loved ones. And only the extreme situation was able to pull outward real character, the person learned what is actually capable of. And he is no longer willing to act on the pointer. Further behavior he corrects based only on his own ideas of how one needs and how one does not need to behave.

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