How Scorpiones break-up experiences

Scorpions in love

After communicating with Scorpio, many confess that it was some of the strongest sensations in their lives. Both women and men born under this Zodiac sign are usually very sexy and possess strong magnetism. An affair with them can become unforgettable, but sometimes feelings that have arisen after a break-up can become a severe injury. First the rejected Scorpio, using a lot of tricks, will try to re-tame and even subdue his partner. If this is unsuccessful, he (or she) will not regret poison to make pain to his former sweetheart.

“ On a powder keg” or “on a sleeping volcano” – roughly so describe their affair with the Scorpions some of their former partners.

Usually the representatives of this sign differ in permanence. If they are determined to marry, they are completely confident in their feelings and the reciprocity of their elect. However, this does not prevent them from suffering and experiencing again and again, forcing the partner to confirm their love and affection in one way or another. There is a view that Scorpions, like the mythical bird Phoenix, in love are able to burn and reemerge from the ashes. But in doing so, they take with them and a partner, being forced to experience similar metamorphoses.

Possessing a generally well-developed intuition, Scorpions are fairly quick to grope the most painful places at their halves. They take advantage of this during another relationship clarification, bringing their partner to a stressful state, usually followed by a tumultuous reconciliation. Such emotional “swing” is able to bear not everyone, so astrologers warn – with Scorpions it is better to communicate strong people. After feeling the slack, Scorpio can literally crush a man.

Among the signs of the horoscope, which are closest to the Scorpions, it is necessary to highlight other signs of water – Fish and Cancer. By tying their fate to Scorpio, they have chances to start a strong family.

Breaking up – it’s not just Scorpio who suffers…

Of course, there are no statistics supporting or disproving the opinion of this or that astrologer characterizing Scorpions. However, quite famous is the view that the people of this sign are maybe the sexiest among everyone else. And they use these qualities in different ways: if some seek to attach a partner in this way, others – can suppress.

Unfortunately, some Scorpions, for all their power and wisdom, may not resist taking revenge on those who rejected them. Maybe then, when several years pass, former satellites will be able to meet again and talk calmly. In the meantime… Having broken up with the Scorpion Man, the girl may unexpectedly meet him with her best friend. By noting all logical and rational arguments, Scorpions tend to perceive parting as betrayal, and their feelings are so strong that, knowing or not, they sometimes seek to inflict pain on their own” ex.” And often they manage it – because they have strong intuition, quite quickly calculating “weaknesses” in other people.

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