How money changes people




concept of “lots of money” for each its own. One is enough, doing your favorite business, to earn a quiet and happy life for yourself and children. For others, money is constantly scarce, and even if there is a round amount on the account, they cannot calm down, and work almost around the clock, saving on everything. They buy funds for a big apartment or a better car, do not live, but live their lives instead of rejoicing it here and now. After all, well-being in the family does not depend on the brand of the car For happiness, mutual understanding and support, as well as communication of relatives are important. But for this, careerists just don’t have enough time.


Some people, having earned a large amount of money for them, change for the better. They make gifts to loved ones, fulfill their dreams. They help orphanages and hospitals, participate in charity actions. They take pleasure not from the amount of money in a bank account, but from the emotions that come when you spend capital on good causes.


Others, on the contrary, with increasing cash stocks becoming angrier and more aggressive. They get the impression that everyone around them are enemies who only want to take away honestly earned funds. Such people hide savings not only from strangers, but also from their own. They stop helping relatives, even if they used to. Their main argument is “I make money hard work, here let others work.” That position is clear enough. Just a person learned to receive positive emotions from the joy of others, he can be satisfied only when the number of zeros in the bank account increases.


Money comes first, and friends and relatives who can’t earn much become uninteresting and sometimes dangerous as potential contenders for a piece of wealth. The person begins to avoid communicating with them, meeting only those who earn as much as he does, or more. Simple human values – kindness, mutual understanding, empathy, lose their meaning. Estimates are given based on the volume of their wallet, not on character qualities. Communicating with such people is difficult enough, so very often they stay alone.

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