Harmful Habits and Sociophobia

Briefly, if a person has any problems with social interaction – they will always have tools to reinforce that very fear. Humans have discomfort situations in life, hence the desire to drown out the stress received from there by receiving positive hormones.

Actually the whole emotional reinforcement situation is due to purely biological reasons. For example, people suffering from pornography addiction, cravings for computer games, smoking, alcohol and so on receive an instant increase in dopamine, serotonins, endorphins – hormones responsible for obtaining pleasures.


people develop a strong dependence on these hormonal bursts over time, more and more of them ceases to satisfy real life, real communication with people, $ communication. Their brain, over time, rearranges for what man presents to him. As a result, receptors that are sensitive to these hormones are simply silenced. Such a person appears chronic dissatisfaction, unwillingness to live, develop. There are persistent neural connections in the brain. If, for example, a person is frightened of public speaking, experienced severe stress at work, his subconscious will always prompt an “excellent” path to releasing negative emotions, getting positive. The worker will want to tighten up once again with harmful tobacco, watch pornography on the Internet, eat something sweet and high-calorie. Briefly – associative thinking works in an unnecessary direction.

How to fix?

Paradoxical as it may sound, there is no point fighting addictions until the anxiety in communication with people has disappeared. Until you have a permanent partner in the relationship. Porn dependence, like many other addictions, only goes missing if there is no difficulty in getting to know people in absolutely any place.

Hence the conclusion that first of all it is worth working on yourself, perhaps to sign up to a psychologist. It is necessary to start from the bottom, with the causes of bad habits, not with consequences. If you try to “take out” on the will effort, on the daily overcoming yourself, sooner or later there will be a disruption that will become even stronger than before. It’s depression, wild anxiety, constant experiences. Of course, there are people who have overcome dependencies in this way, but it is rare. In summary, bad habits are a very dangerous thing for psychological and physical health, solving problems with them is not worth it delay in a long drawer, as each year the neural connections in the brain strengthen more and more strongly. Work on your own perception of the world, on interaction with people around you, it’s one of the most important aspects in getting rid of deleterious addictions.

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