Getting rid of loneliness easily.

You’ll need
  • your fantasy.

Often loneliness is associated with negative emotions. In our society, loneliness is presented as a bad factor in life. It’s some scaremongering for modern humans. But it seems to be a relic of the past. People have lived families since long ago in order to feed. In the family it was easier to get food, raise children and resist the enemy. Now we buy food in supermarkets and there’s no need to hold on to the myth of loneliness. Essentially, what is loneliness? This is your free time. Time that belongs exclusively to you.


And free time should be able to dispose of. And instead of sitting around and spending that time on negative experiences, I suggest you do an experiment.
If you caught yourself thinking that you alone feel bad, ask yourself a question. What do I really want? The answers can be different: I want to communicate, I want to communicate with a certain person. I want entertainment. I want to eat, etc. The second question is how can I arrange this myself? And go ahead, suit yourself, what the body signals you with the help of the emotion of “boredom”.


If you learn to recognize the signals of your soul that you are bored, want entertainment, communication, walk, move and in time their to satisfy, there will be no trace of loneliness.

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