Effective ways to combat laze

If you recognized yourself, you suffer from laziness! Remember, if you don’t start fighting laziness in time, you will definitely face another phenomenon – real depression!

Recipes for laziness

1. Start the morning right!

Try to sleep for at least seven hours at night. Don’t get out of bed once you hear the alarm clock. Lay down for a few more minutes, knead your arms and legs and try to plan the day. Then stand up and start doing the morning charging – swing your arms, jump – this will help cheer up! Scientists have proven that if you spend at least 10 minutes on your morning charging, then you will never have problems with labor productivity.

2. A contrasting shower is another good way to cheer up and fill the body with positive energy.

3. If you suffer from an attack of laziness, gather all the willpower you have and start doing anything for at least five minutes. When you realize that the task itself is not difficult and will not take long, laziness will recede.

4. If you have to do, something more difficult that will take more than an hour of time, you should break the task into stages.

So the task will seem easier! In between stages, you can go outside, take a walk or at least take a deep breath, drink a cup of tea, and you will immediately feel a rush of energy!

5. Make a habit of drinking a glass of fresh water every two hours. Water helps the brain work better and faster.

6. Forget the word “tomorrow”! If you decide to change your life and finish everything on time, you’ll have to start “today.” Keep repeating to yourself that there is no day like “tomorrow.” Because when this “tomorrow” comes, you will have to cope with other urgent tasks, delaying your yesterday’s tasks further and further!

7. Think about your previous achievements! When you start remembering your previous achievements and victories, you will immediately feel a pleasant emotional burst of inspiration! If you haven’t achieved anything outstanding in your life yet, you can follow the example of a successful, single-minded person who inspires you.

8. Make an action plan! If you want everything to go smoothly, be more organized! Come up with an action plan for next month! So you’ll save yourself some time for rest and getting your thoughts in order.

9. Motivate yourself! You should do something that will remind you of the benefits of your work! For example, your goal in life is to buy a three-bedroom apartment in the city centre. First of all, you have to imagine your apartment, draw its plan, and hang in the most prominent place! You will see your dream every day, and it will encourage you to take some steps towards fulfilling it.

10. Stop doing everything except what’s really needed! You come home from work and have dinner, then watch TV, go to the store, read celebrity news, and then go through friends’ social media pages… All this distracts and kills your time, preventing you from doing the necessary tasks. Secondary matters are better done in your spare time.

11. Take a hobby! When you’re doing what you really like, you’re sure to get an explosion of positive emotions.

12. Reward yourself for the completed task. Buy yourself a gift, praise yourself for your efforts. You will know that your time and effort has not been wasted and will feel the urge to do even more.

13. Concentrate on the positive result! When you think about a positive and successful result, you automatically get rid of unpleasant thoughts.

14. Don’t forget to take a break from time to time! You can walk your dog, watch an interesting movie or even lie in bed watching old photos. But don’t get distracted from the main goal.

Interesting facts about laziness

The American Association of Psychiatrists has put laziness on the official list of mental illness. They found that this disease can be inherited, as well as hard work. Even more interesting is that scientists have already proven the presence of “laziness gene” in primates. “Homo sapiens” probably have this gene too.

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