Anxiety and ways to work with it

Anxiety is an emotional state caused by the expectation of danger or threat. That is the conventional perception of anxiety. I propose to consider from a different perspective. For example, anxiety is only an indicator and shows that our future is unknown, meaning there is no concrete outcome. If there is no concrete result, then our mind admits that there can be a different result: from positive to negative or from wonderful to terrible.

Drawing on the system of raising children in society, including in the family and school, attention is mainly drawn to shortcomings or mistakes. In a person since childhood a feature of the warehouse of mind is formed clearly to see flaws or bad, thus, in the uncertain future mind begins to draw the future through the negative, drawing nasty pictures. The more in front of a person ahead of trouble, the greater the result of the indicator will be, that is, anxiety will increase.

Many people believe they can relieve anxiety through smoking, eating food, sedative pills or creating conflicts. But anxiety is not a cause, only an indicator, so these all means don’t help. The reason is uncertainty of the future.

I suggest working with uncertainty. What is uncertainty? This is the absence or lack of definition or information about anything, that is, the person does not know what, there will be information or knowledge and how to act in this situation.

The man made the decision, albeit unknowingly, that he did not know. It is enough to make a decision that knows and uncertainty will go away, and therefore there will be no anxiety as an indicator of this uncertainty.

To make such a decision consciously, there is an algorithm to work:

1. Working out at the level of mind. The task of allowing yourself to allow or see options or opportunities.

At this stage of work, the Russian language is used wisely as the basis of work. It has already been said that education is based on prohibitions that put the child, saying, but back few people remove them. A child becomes an adult person, and psychological inhibitions remain. Such prohibitions can also be lifted through the composition union of NO. It has a semantic purpose to add options. For example, you can’t take someone else’s — it’s setting a ban. But I allow myself to take someone else’s if I want — this is the lifting of this ban. It is important to give examples that it is good and important that these examples suit you. Lifting the ban allows a broader look at the situation and see options for a solution or development. The next point will be permission, which will help to provide the presence of variability. For example, but one can take someone else’s, but one can take one’s own, but one can give one’s (someone else’s, create and so on all possible options that the mind will come up with, even if they seem not logical at first glance.

This way gives the feeling of the appearance of the future and the possibility of freedom of choice, which allows you to put yourself in the position of master of

2. Work at the level of images and sensations. It is a challenge to feel or feel what an open and kind world.

At this stage of working with images, sensations in the body and representation are used. It is important to present the image you like and feel pleasure or tranquility in the body.

3. When there is a union of the first and second stage, which allows you to agree mind, sensations, image, that is to come into unity that gives strength and confidence in the future. To do this, you present yourself and in front of you options for future development, then you choose a certain path that you like, and present yourself with this result. These two images shake hands with each other as a symbol of consent and friendliness.

It is more convenient and effective to work on a specific example, and better on three, which will strengthen the new mechanism in the subconscious will allow to change life as a whole.

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