4 simple exercises on the development of concentration

Our mind constantly jumps from one subject to another. Many are not able to focus attention on a particular task for long. As a result, problems arise at work and many important cases have to be dealt with almost overnight. The problem in most cases is caused by lack of concentration.

But it can be strengthened. To do this, you need to regularly train your attention, performing certain concentration exercises. That’s what they’re going to talk about.


What concentration exercises can I perform? Conscious breathing is an effective workout for our attention. It is necessary to take a comfortable position, straighten your back. All attention is required to be paid to the sensations that appear during breathing. Try to feel even the way the air gets inside, the way the belly moves.

If distracted by some other thoughts, immediately redirect your attention back to informed breathing. In the first time you will often be distracted. But regular training will allow to train concentration, and then attention will stop bouncing from one thought to another.

Two-minute concentration on the second hand

Another quite effective exercise to develop attention.

  1. You must put a clock with a second hand in front of yourself.
  2. It is recommended to relax completely
  3. All attention should be focused on the movement of the arrow, which counts down seconds. It is necessary to follow it for 2 minutes.
  4. If distracted, start again.

Two-minute concentration is one of the best exercises that you can train the mind. Over time it is necessary to increase the duration. Instead of 2 minutes, it will be necessary to follow the arrow 5, and then 10 minutes.

Free observation

This exercise on concentration will teach you to notice events occurring around and live consciously. It is not necessary to pay all attention to certain specific incidents or objects. Try to notice any sensations that arise. But don’t think and analyze. Just saw and let go.

This concentration exercise can be performed both at home and during a walk. Free observation in something resembles the contemplation of clouds. Only in this case do you follow events and your own thoughts.

Black dot A

fairly popular exercise on the development of concentration of attention. Implications that over a period of time it is necessary to fully focus on one object.

It would be necessary to take a piece of paper and draw a black dot on any of it. Then secure it at a distance of 1 meter from yourself. Accept a convenient position. The point must be at the eye level.

Close your eyes. Try to get rid of all thoughts, images, ideas. Open your eyes and start considering the point. Don’t take away your gaze and blink for as long as possible. The development of concentration of attention in this case implies that there should be no thoughts at all. All attention should be paid only to the point.

Exercise is necessary for at least 15 minutes. Gradually, the duration of training is recommended

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