4 books boosting confidence in yourself

 When you first start thinking about self-development and success, there is an understanding that nothing will be achieved without self-confidence. There are a huge number of different trainings aimed at increasing self-belief and self-strength. Just reading confidence-boosting books is enough.

Many works have already been written that aim to increase self-esteem. They can be very different. At the heart of some are real stories of victories and failures. Others tell the lives of made-up characters. The only trait that generalizes all these works — they aim to increase confidence.

“ A Seagull Named Jonathan Livingstone”

Richard Bach wrote many books that became popular over time. But he repeatedly admitted that the piece “A Seagull Named Jonathan Livingstone” was not invented by him. He simply acted as a typesetter.

Looking through confidence-boosting books, it’s worth reading this work. It’s small. It consists of only 3 chapters. But the book has enormous power. Tells the reader about self-improvement, about self-belief and their capabilities. That there is no limit to self-development.

The main character is the gull Jonathan, who did not want to live like the other birds. He was trying to learn how to fly, perform different tricks at high speed. On his way to a dream, he broke all stereotypes about seagulls and learned a real life in which there is no room for restrictions.

“ The Way of a Peaceful Warrior”

Another book boosting self-esteem and self-confidence was written by gymnastics champion Dan Millman. This work is better known, because the film was made on it.

At the heart of the book is Dan’s real-life story. He described events that took place in his life. The man described the most important struggle of his life — fighting himself.

The book tells about the fact that it is necessary to always believe in your powers and capabilities, not listen to the opinion of others. Even if experts and experienced athletes talk about defeat, it is necessary to move to victory, to their dream, despite obstacles.

Be sure to read the book and see the film.

“ Why are we wrong. Thinking Traps in Action”

How to boost self-esteem and gain confidence? A book written by Joseph Hallinan will help in that.

Often the same problems happen in life? Regularly stepping on a rake that lies in the same place? You think you are the unluckiest person in the world? Then it is necessary to read this book. Joseph wrote a detailed instruction on how to get rid of the doubt and start moving towards the dream.

According to a variety of studies, absolutely all people are wrong. But only those who keep moving, despite their own mistakes, are successful. Only those who are willing to recognize and correct missteps can realize the dream.

In a book that enhances self-esteem, the author will talk about the traps of consciousness that you can fall into on the path to success. He will tell you how to avoid it and how to correct your own mistakes made earlier. He dilutes his thoughts with real stories from people’s lives.

“ On the Limit”

Looking through confidence-boosting books, one cannot help but note the work of Erik Larssen. It is a kind of training, with which you will be able to look at familiar things with another view.

The author lists simple rules that should be followed for as little as a week. And at the end, each reader will have a desire to live and realize ideas, to strive forward and develop. But it is necessary to possess at least small rudiments of discipline and willpower. Otherwise, you can give up quickly enough.

The author calls all the described rules hellish. However, in reality they should not be considered super-complicated. The reader won’t have to go to the mountains or go to the army. It’s very simple. And that scares off a lot of people. But it’s still worth outshining yourself and living a week the way Erik Larssen describes it.

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