3 habits of highly organized people


Identify all the goals and tasks that are facing you. Within an hour or two, brainstorm and write all the cases you need to perform on the sheet. Then spread them into categories: work, study, home, family, and so on. This will allow you to fully see and realize the direction of travel. Also it will relieve tension, because you will not have to strain your memory any more and think that you have forgotten something. With the advent of new cases, just put them on that list.


Don’t strive for perfection. It is not necessary to structure absolutely all things. Sometimes it is enough to specify the direction. Let’s say if you want to make a delicious dinner, you don’t have to write out all the recipes you might need. Just think of what exactly you want to taste tonight: fish, meat or, for example, salad. This will significantly reduce time and improve efficiency. Plus, you won’t turn into a robot that dryly analyzes all incoming information.


Deal with things. Order in the workplace is order in the mind. Collect all the unnecessary junk and throw it on the dump. Identify the places where you’ll stack the things you need to work. It’s better to also set aside a separate space for small things so as not to lose them. Chaos won’t allow you to focus entirely on work, which means you’re unlikely to achieve good results.

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