16 tips to not be a boring man

Such a habit causes not only acquaintances but close people to start avoiding a bored person, preferring to refer to urgent matters. This doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone who accidentally complained about life automatically becomes a jerk. Bad mood or dissatisfaction from time to time can come to anyone, but it’s always bad. For them, all life is a chain of unresolved problems, difficulties, troubles and tasks that are beyond their power. Even in absolutely positive things they will definitely find some flaws and will savor them for hours.

Boring and dejected people try to find meaning and logic in any joke or anecdote, they lack imagination and fantasy, they constantly grumble and show discontent about any occasion. Such people don’t notice the moment when their interlocutors get tired or want to change the topic of conversation. Moreover, getting rid of their company is almost impossible.

What to do to avoid being boring?

1. Never try to tell others about all your problems.

2. If you see that the interlocutor is not interested in maintaining the conversation, don’t try to keep his attention. Even if you start switching from one topic to another, it won’t make you interesting in his eyes. On the contrary, you run the risk of getting him even more.

3. Don’t delve into every detail. It’s not worth describing something in all the details, especially if it’s not interesting to anyone.

4. Try to perceive the information heard with a touch of humor.

5. Don’t interrupt the interlocutor. In case you haven’t understood or heard something, there’s no need to interrupt the speaker every time and demand that he repeat it again.

6. Don’t give people any advice unless they ask you for it.7. Do not judge customs adopted in the society or terrain you find yourself in. Try to understand and accept the rules of the society you are in.

8. Smile more often. A smile will help you look a nicer person. She’ll show those around you that you treat life with optimism and want to make friends with everyone around.

9. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion. When someone disagrees with you, say “you have a fine opinion, but I see things that way…” If you accept all views and are not afraid to voice your own, you will soon gain respect.

10. Connect with different people. Make new friends and acquaintances.

11. Be kinder to the people who surround you, listen carefully to their stories to help with advice or participation. A person who not only speaks but listens to an interlocutor will never seem boring.

12. Be natural. Don’t be afraid to look weird or out of place.

13. Develop skills and expand knowledge on subjects you are interested in. Ask about unknown topics, expand your horizons, stay up to date with developments in politics and society.

14. Boring people usually are those who are too focused on work. Start doing other things as well – do sports or travel more. Travels expand our world view and provide an opportunity to collect interesting stories that can be told to others around them.

15. Work on a sense of humor and joke more often.

16. First of all, try to become a best friend to yourself. Focus on your best character traits. Determine what things you’re good at, which not many people are as good at as you are. If you treat yourself with respect, others will treat you the same way. Also, they will see the very best in you, what you value most in your personality.

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