12 ways to boost self-esteem

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    Don’t compare yourself to other people. There will always be people having more of you, and having less of you. By occupying yourself with constant comparisons, you are mired in a huge number of imaginary opponents you cannot outdo. Appreciate what you have.


    Stop censure and scold yourself, do not use negative statements regarding your qualities, character, appearance, financial condition and other aspects of life. Never use self-destructing phrases. Emphasize achievements and positive qualities!


    Choose for communication confident, positive people, ready to lend a helping hand and provide support! A lot depends on your surroundings as well. If you are surrounded by negative-minded people eternally overwhelming all your ideas, dissatisfied with life and society, then your self-esteem will only diminish. Limit communication with similar personalities.


    Try to do what you like. Pay attention to what gives you a sense of your own worth, gives pleasure and helps to develop.


    Make a list of your positive qualities. There must be at least 20 of them! Write them down on a piece of paper and browse through periodically. This will help you not only reach your potential, but will give you the opportunity to focus on your positive qualities.


    Make a list of your achievements. These are your personal victories, successes and joys. Browse this list regularly. Close your eyes, experience all moments of success again.


    Use also books, audio recordings, trainings, seminars dedicated to enhancing self-esteem. Remember, everything you let in your head affects you and your self-esteem. So try not to watch negative TV shows.


    Give away more! It’s not about money, it’s about deeds. Help those in need, keep with word and deed. This is sure to boost not only the mood, but also the sense of one’s own worth.


    Live your own life and be true to yourself. Guided by your mind, your feelings. The advice of others should not be decisive in your choice.


    Take praise and compliments. Never dismiss them with phrases like, “Oh, nothing special.” Say “thank you” and put this on your own list of achievements.


    Use phrase statements in order to boost self-esteem. Place prominently a card (postcard, etc.) with the caption: “I love and accept myself,” “I am a happy, successful person,” etc.


    Act and evolve! Not only save knowledge, but actively use it in practice. Answer the challenges of fate and you will feel a pleasant change in your worldview.

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