10 things that were told in training and thats time to stop believing right now

Communicate only with successful people

 One of the secrets of success leading trainings call the correct choice of circle of communication. For example, if a person is friends with those with higher social status, it serves as a good motivation for their own growth and development. However, according to psychologists, in this approach lies a consumer view of relationships with other people.

After all, friendship or close communication tend to arise on the basis of similarity of interests, life views, values. And, perhaps, with buddies selected only on the criteria of success, a person will not have much needed warmth and mutual understanding. In that case, it is worth wondering if such an illusion of friendship is necessary? Or is sincere warmth and affection more important than someone else’s motivating success?

Life is the way up

to participants of trainings often present their life path as a continuous climb to new heights. On the one hand, this reception pushes people to develop, and on the other it creates a non-objective picture of the world. After all, life is unpredictable, and any success tomorrow can turn into failure. At the same time, failure is not to be feared. After all, they are great to temper the character, help to look at their actions from different angles and draw important conclusions.

Achieve high goals

In the matter of choosing life goals, many koochie advise not to mince. Dutifully following their covenants, participants of training, sometimes, strive for sky-high heights: a body like a supermodel, a luxury apartment in the capital or a job at the position of a top manager.

However, many things people achieve not because they sincerely want it. They are driven only by the desire to look successful in the eyes of others, to be an object of envy and admiration. Maybe you should put your desires and aspirations first, not what others expect from you?

Learn to think, as billionaires

Covenants of training state, that the ability to think like a billionaire definitely helps to succeed in life. Psychology sees in this substitution of others’ own thoughts. The desire to imitate someone is fundamentally incorrect. After all, even billionaires don’t look like each other, each of them has gone their way to success. So it’s important to always remain yourself, to seek your own formula for well-being.

Leave your comfort zone

The slogan about leaving the comfort zone is hardly the most popular advice, sounding at trainings. A supposedly unaccustomed or stressful situation causes a person to mobilize all their resources to achieve a goal. There is certainly a share of truth in this statement. However, psychologists consider such motivation unhealthy. After all, a comfort zone is a space in which a person feels calm and confident. While staying too often outside it will not only motivate for feats, it will not best reflect on mental health. Therefore, it is definitely not worth abusing this technique.

Be the author of your life

Trainings teach a person to take responsibility for everything that happens in their life. This approach is considered a show of strength, and the opposite position is a sacrifice. On the one hand, being aware of the causality of one’s words or actions is good and proper. But at the same time, too many external circumstances are, at times, independent of the goals of just one person.

After all, if you look wider, there are billions of other people living on the planet who interact among themselves and, in one way or another, influence each other. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to completely manage your life, constantly intersecting with other people’s goals and interests.

You are born to conquer the world

Personal growth of a person, according to the authors of training, begins with awareness of his boundless possibilities. Therefore, at such courses participants inspire examples of successful people, convince that everyone is able to reach sky-high heights, become an object of imitation. Certainly, it gives an incredible charge of confidence and generates a desire to roll mountains.

However, psychologists advise not to get carried away with the pursuit of world glory. It is much more effective to start small, bringing positive changes in the lives of relatives and loved ones. Perhaps this will not bring as vivid euphoria as conquering the world, but universal frustration will also be avoided.

Dream visualization

Another running tip from popular coaches states that detailed dream visualization helps achieve faster wishful thinking. Constantly thinking about his goal, presenting it in minute detail, one naturally motivates himself. Whereas psychology considers such reception to be a substitute for concepts, in which connection with reality is lost, and the cherished goal turns into an obsessive idea.

Fantasizing is good, but much more effective – to make some minor, but real steps on the way to a dream. After all, even the strongest faith and visualization won’t help if you sit back.

Break up with difficulties at all costs

The condition

of a successful person – not to graze before difficulties, but to overcome them with the help of strong-willed qualities or even physical strength. The authors of trainings see this as an opportunity to declare themselves to the world as an unbending, bright personality. But there is no place for wisdom and common sense in this lopsided approach. After all, sometimes it is better not to start a war at all, than to seek to win it at any cost.

Learn to be happy every moment


trainings often have an enthusiastic atmosphere. After all, success, according to couches, accompanies those who know how to rejoice in life every moment. Having listened to similar attitudes, people try to maintain this illusion of happiness in everyday life. But it only leads to a depreciation of positives and emotions. After all, man truly cherishes something good only on the contrast with bad moments, and any permanence to him sooner or later arrives. Therefore, do not forbid yourself to experience the whole range of emotions that life is so rich.

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