10 effective ways to get rid of stress

As a result, we lose our composure and yell at our relatives, splashing out all negative emotions. This can lead to a nervous breakdown. Doesn’t sound too positive!

So you can try applying some of our tips right now and make sure that a good mood and a sense of relief appear immediately!

1. Comb is a really wonderful antidepressant! If you spend a working day in front of your computer, massage, scalp and comb your hair with a massage brush for at least 10 minutes. This will help speed up circulation and relax muscles.

2. Indulge yourself in self-massage. To relax and normalize your life tone, massage special points under the lower lip, in the center of your palms and under your nose. Rub your palms against each other until you feel warm. And the same tearing can help to concentrate on a certain task.

3. Rinse out negative emotions. If you want to get rid of the overvoltage and bad mood, take a 15-minute shower.

4. Eat anti-stress foods. Staying in good spirits will help oily fish. It contains acids useful for the nervous system. You can also indulge in ice cream, banana or chocolate.

5. Swing your arms a little bit. Many people suffer stress when their muscles contract due to sedentary work) and lose their elasticity. This can lead to headaches and back pain. Stand up from behind the table and swing your arms for a few minutes. Do circular motions first and then swing your arms in all directions.

6. It is well known that smell is closely related to emotional memory. Remember the smells you like and cause positive emotions. Inhale them as often as possible and you’ll always be in good spirits!

7. Try running up and down stairs for a minute. This exercise will deliver oxygen to certain parts of the brain that are responsible for controlling emotional stress.

8. Get the house in order. It may sound amusing, but when all things are in place, your thoughts are likely to get in order as well.

9. Choose a day and spend it at home alone. Turn on the music, get something delicious from the fridge and lie down. And now — it’s time to think a little bit. First of all, think about your dreams and write them down in a diary! When you come up with a plan to execute them, you won’t have free time for stresses and worries.

10. Last advice, smile more often! Smile has a remarkable quality; it neutralizes all negative emotions.

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