10 cynical truths that people stubbornly ignore

Some truths may seem cynical, but they are the truth of life. Don’t ignore them. Adoption of the laws of nature helps to better understand life, to achieve success on the personal front, in communication with people, in career.

Forgiving, man helps evil to see impunity

Many believe that to gain peace of mind and balance you need to be able to forgive. Only after that can you enter a new day with pure thoughts. Partly this is the case, but one should not forget that forgiveness is of two kinds: mental and behavioral. Soulful is aimed at overcoming one’s own experiences. It helps not to think bad, to abstract. Behavioral forgiveness allows you to resume communication with the abuser. It carries great harm. By forgiving evil, man helps others believe in impunity. This generates new misdeeds.

Life lapses – a necessity

The vast majority of successful people have gone through a lot of trouble and failure to the point where they have achieved the result. Life lapses harden, give an opportunity to show character. Do not take them as a signal of the need to roll off the intended path. Biographies of some celebrities provide evidence for this fact. Many famous artists, writers, musicians were able to achieve the desired goal only because they believed in themselves, did not take too close to the heart of the trouble.

Money is the most important

Many people don’t want to admit that money affects quality of life very much. Some things, of course, you won’t buy for them. But with money, it’s much more likely to become healthy, happy. They give a lot of opportunities. With money you can see the world, realize yourself, impress others, find a soulmate or do charity.

Need to be able to say “no”

The ability to say “no” is one of the main components of success. No need to associate that word with negativity, rudeness. People who stubbornly ignore such simple truth often suffer from an inability to realize themselves. They have problems in their personal lives. The ability to refuse is more related to the will and rational selection of people, occupations, events.

From time to time, it’s worth revising your friends list

No need to communicate with people out of habit or pity. Sometimes you need to really look at things and understand that relationships with some friends have long lived out. If a person pulls down, constantly gets into trouble, shares only negativity, abuses friendship, it’s better to give up. As cynical as it may sound, but this kind of communication does no good. It is not necessary to maintain relations with those who at least once did not lend a helping hand when it was necessary. The situation will be repeated, so there is no need to build illusions.

Each person uses their loved ones

Awareness of this truth allows you to view the world differently. All people use each other. Only love between children and parents is unconditional. Employer uses resources of employees, acquaintances need connections, ability to cheer, opportunity to borrow money. Even the best friend needs communication, support, company, confidence that he will be comforted in a difficult moment. Understanding this cynical truth helps to build no illusions and get rid of feelings of guilt.

You need to think only about yourself

Healthy selfishness will not prevent anyone. The most important thing in each person’s life is himself. Those who say otherwise are just wincing. You always need to be guided first of all by your interests, not by the interests of friends, acquaintances, neighbors. This applies even to moms. They need to take care of themselves too to be able to give something to their children.

When a person wants something, he seeks opportunities rather than causes

This truth is one of the most important. If a person is constantly looking for excuses, then he doesn’t really want to do anything. Gotta accept it. Honest should be with yourself as well. Finding excuses does not best affect the psychological state. You just need to understand what the reason is, then make a decision: to abandon the idea or still overpower yourself.

The whole world – theater

Many people are not the ones they impersonate. With some you need to be very careful. It’s not worth taking their words for a pure coin. It’s better to focus on actions, analyze behavior. Understanding that all people are different and some loved ones can lie, trying to look better protects against serious disappointments.

Life is very short

Everyone understands this, but continue to be endlessly surprised by death. You need to live today. Death should not be ignored, but it doesn’t make sense to fear it either. It is simply the bottom line, and the most terrible thing is when a person dies morally while living. Mindful of this simple truth, you need to try to live so that then it is not hurt for aimlessly lived years.

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