Actress Aisa Gonzalez: biography, filmography, personal life, interesting facts

Actress Aisa Gonzalez became famous when she turned 16. She got a role in the miniseries project “Lola. Long time ago.” In Hollywood she managed to prove herself on the best side, perfectly winning the role in the miniseries film “From Dusk to Dawn”. From that moment regularly receives new invitations from eminent directors. A … Read more

Eugene Havtan: biography, creativity, career and personal life

Evgeny Lvovich prefers directions of indie, jazz, blues, rockabilly. He plays original and classical guitars, mastered the dobro instrument, writes music for it. In addition to the legendary collective, the musician founded a new band “Los Havtanos”, playing in the style of “miki-maus-latino pop”. The road to fame The biography of the future composer and … Read more

Karel Gott: a brief biography

Childhood and youth  Nature endows every person with different abilities. It is very important that the talent is revealed in a timely manner. Karel Gott’s biography clearly confirms this rule. The future singer and musician came to light on July 14, 1939. He was an only child in an ordinary Czech family. The parents lived … Read more