How the filming of the movie “Street Dances-2 3D”

For their new film, director Max Jiva and Denmark Pasquini did not confine themselves to finding British actors as they did for the first part of ‘Street dancing”. This time they picked performers across Europe. As a result, a company of talented dancers from different countries gathered on the set of the picture. Many of … Read more

When and where the first bread was baked

By eating bread, a person gets all the energy they need, which is contained in cereals. Initially, people didn’t have the idea of bread as they do today. And he looked very different. For example, Jews baked bread in thin plates, which then broke with their hands. It was from them that the expression “break … Read more

Recipes for dishes with cilanoa

Hungarian salad with cilantro Ingredients:– 100g cilantro;– 400g canned white beans (400g);– 200g feta cheese;– 2 tomatoes;– 1 red pepper – 1 head of red onion– 1 small head of garlic– 1 tbsp grape or apple vinegar– 1/3 tbsp olive or vegetable oil– 1/4 tsp black ground pepper;– salt. Boiled beans can be used instead … Read more

Why are hands regularly cold

Reasons If you notice your limbs are constantly cold – this is a serious reason to visit a doctor. Experts found out that legs and hands lollify very often due to spasm in small capillaries. In turn, blood stops coming in the necessary quantity. The bottom line is cold limbs. In addition, a variety of … Read more

How to get to Volokolamska

Instruction 1 Train trains from Riga Station in Moscow go to Volokolamsk station. Also there are electric trains of Kursk direction departing from stations “Podolsk”, “Shcherbinka”, “Depot”, “Moscow – Kurskaya”. Travel time from Kursky and Riga railway stations is about two hours. In recent years from Riga railway station “Sputnik” trains three times a day, … Read more

Soy lecithin or palm oil — which is harmful

Biological supplements to food have varying degrees of significance. But in most part they all apply to make the production of products cheaper. However, a number of requirements in the manufacture of certain food products can still not be violated, here manufacturers and come up with, as possible, without degrading the nutritional value of the … Read more

Essential oils to raise mood, energy and awaken feelings

Essential oils for energy. To return vivacity and relieve fatigue, it is recommended to take warm baths with essential oils of lemon, lemongrass or grapefruit. Lemon perfectly improves performance and instantly lifts tone even after the worst working days or stressful situations. Lemongrass has beneficial effects on the brain, improving memory and helping to concentrate … Read more