What are the reasons for the possible boycott of the Sochi Olympics;

First possible cause

Researchers call several reasons for this international misunderstanding. One is American fugitive Edward Snowden. In the summer of 2013, a disgraced CIA agent asked the Russian government for political asylum and soon received it. The US authorities almost immediately began to express their disapproval to Moscow, however, so did not achieve anything. Snowden remained in the capital as a full citizen of the Russian Federation, and some representatives of the American Congress began calling on their government to boycott the Sochi Olympics.

Second possible reason The

second reason, which is much more significant, according to the international community, is Russia’s involvement in the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict of 2008 at side of Abkhazia. At the same time, America sponsored the Georgian side, and after the Georgian campaign with a crackle failed, and the US actually lost its money, the American brothers took a grudge against Russia. Some congressmen, including Sen. Lindsey Graham, have spoken in recent months about boycotting the Sochi Winter Olympics and have already begun to bring their sentiments to incumbent President Barack Obama. Many see this behavior of the West not a reason, but an excuse for a boycott of the Winter Games, which could significantly undermine the economy of the hostess of the Olympics. However, these statements sound more serious every day, and who knows, perhaps in February 2014 Sochi will really be without American athletes. The US-Georgian boycott could be joined by Britain, Germany, Belgium, France, Holland and other European Union countries.

Third possible reason The

third reason for the boycott of the Olympic Games 2014 is homosexuals, or rather – attempts of America and NATO countries to impose their opinion on any domestic issue policies of each country. Prohibitions of gayparades, propaganda of homosexuality and similar actions of infringement of the rights of sexual minorities on the territory of the Russian Federation caused a wave of resentment throughout the European community. After all, Russia and a number of other states with similar views on the gay issue, look white crows amid European countries that allow same-sex marriage, adoption of children is welcome same-sex couples, etc. Many countries have not yet decided because of what will boycott the Sochi Olympics, some consider it their duty to stand up for the rights of Russian gays, others are sure that Russia does not had the right to intervene in the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict and to alienate part of Georgian territory.$

Fourth possible reason

Fourth possible cause — scandal surrounding adopted Russian children by American families, abuse by adoptive parents and Russian ban on American adoption.$ At issue is the law “Dima Yakovlev”, it was named after a child who died as a result of the negligence and cruelty of his adoptive father. All this individually, and perhaps collectively, could give Washington a reason to boycott the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

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