The most expensive Olympics in history

From the leaders in the ranking of the most expensive Olympic Games of the world can be distinguished Summer Beijing 2008. China, according to experts, left to hold competitions about $40 billion. At the same time, the authorities of China were able to do everything in such a way that they had no debts left. This is due to the fact that China has a huge number of resources that can justify the costs of construction of sports facilities, transport interchanges, improvement of metro. Construction of Olympic facilities took at least 20% of the total budget. That is why they amazed with their greatness and thoroughness. The remaining funds were devoted to improving the city’s infrastructure and directly to hosting the Olympics. The whole world watched with admiration the magnificent opening ceremony of the competition. Equally lush and solemnly, the Chinese were closing their sporting events.

From the Olympic competitions held expensive and the 1976 Games in Montreal – their organization took about $20 billion. They were opened by members of the royal family, who were in full attendance in Canada. The XXI Olympic Games began with the delivery of fire using a laser directed by a space satellite. The huge tower that was installed in the stadium is still considered one of the biggest in the world. To this day, those games are considered among the most spectacular and exhilarating for millions of fans worldwide. They are also noteworthy because owners of those competitions couldn’t win any gold medal. Holding an equally massive event drove the country into debt, which had been paid for 30 years. The government has had to go for unprecedented savings measures, such as raising the tax on tobacco products to 20%. Repealed it only closer to 2000.

Athens 2004 is not far behind Montreal. About $15 billion has been spent on Greek competitions. This Olympics also left behind huge debts to the country – in the region of 112% of Greece’s GDP. In terms of each particular family, the amount of debt was about €50,000 per house. A fairly large part of the cost was directed towards the safety of the competition. This was due to the fact that the memories of the 11 September attacks were still fresh in the memory of the world. In addition, a lot of finance “ate” and improvement of infrastructure not the most developed of European countries. The

London 2012 Olympics are predicted to add to the list. Despite the fact that its budget is officially defined as $2 billion, experts estimate that its arrangement will pour England into all 32 billion.

The Russian Olympics in Sochi will also be on the list of the costliest. After all, instead of the planned $12 billion for its conduct has already been spent 30 billion. And that’s not the limit – at present neither the Olympic venues nor the city’s infrastructure are finally ready for an event of this magnitude.

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