How torchbearers choose for the Sochi Olympiad

Olympic Torch Relay is a big sports event, without which no Olympic Games are unthinkable. The Olympic flame is a symbol of peace, friendship, purity and the struggle to win. The fire solemnly ignites in Olympia, then goes on a trip to Greece and from there gets to the host country of the upcoming Olympics, in our case, to Russia. The

honor to carry the Olympic flame it is necessary to earn

to torchbearers several main requirements:
– Age from 14 years.
– Support for the basic principles of Olympism: Perfection, Respect, Friendship.
– The presence of achievements about which it is not ashamed to tell others.
– Ability to inspire people to new achievements.
– Leading a healthy lifestyle.
– Interest in the Olympic Games 2014.

Coca-Cola, INGOSTRAKH and Russian Railways became the main partners of the Sochi 2014 Olympic flame movement. Each of them selected their torchbearers. On the official websites of Coca-Cola and INGOSTRAK companies, everyone could fill out an application form, in which it was necessary to tell about themselves and their achievements. The best applicants were selected by an open vote of users on the companies’ website, after which the questionnaires were assessed by an independent jury.

Russian Railways, in turn, distributed half of “free seats” among its own employees and honored veterans, as well as representatives of sponsored companies, sports and training institutions. The second half of the torchbearers nominees were entrusted with choosing the local authorities of each region. All nominations are finally approved by the Sochi Organizing Committee.

Honorary torchbearers

Given the above requirements, it is not surprising that many famous sportsmen, entertainers, politicians, public figures. So to open the first stage of the relay, held in Moscow, the Olympic champion in synchronized swimming, Anastasia Davydova, fell honor. Vladislav Tretyak, Ivan Urgant, Irina Rodnina, Svetlana Horkina, Ilya Averbukh, Dima Bilan, Igor Vernik, Iosif Kobzon, Konstantin Tszyu, Svetlana Masterkova, Gennady Onishchenko, Andrey Malakhov and many others.

In St. Petersburg among famous people taking part in the relay, runner Natalia Antyukh, figure skater Elena Berezhnaya, footballer Alexander Kirzhakov, wrestler Alexey Mikhin. In Omsk — gymnast Evgenia Kanaeva. In Yaroslavl — ice hockey player Andrei Kovalenko, the first female cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova. In Volgograd — track and field athlete Yulia Zaripova, honored trainer Evgeny Trofimov. In Smolensk — hammer thrower Olga Kuzenkova, swimmer Ivan Kassin, biathlete Nadezhda Talanova. In every city in Russia its heroes are torchbearers.

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