How to bet on Olympic Games 2014 tournaments

Betting on the old world and online

February 7, 2014 at exactly 20 hours 14 minutes in Sochi start the long-awaited Winter Olympics. The Olympics is the main event in the life of any athlete. That is why coaches bring the wards to the peak of physical and functional readiness precisely for the Olympics. Because you can be ex-world champion, but you can’t be called ex-Olympic champion.

Every day at the 2014 Games there are lots of bets. They can be done directly in the betting shops themselves. For this purpose it is necessary to come there, take a sheet with interesting events, fill it, having made all bets, pass, and then wait for results of competitions. But there is also a more modern and easier way — online betting. In order to make an online bet, you need to go to the website of the betting shop, register and place bets. And exactly also wait for results.

Making bets, it is necessary to proceed from the fact that judges tend to help the hosts of the Olympic Games a little bit. Therefore, betting against Russian athletes is best avoided. Anyway, at the very beginning.

How to bet on the Olympics correctly

You can give one important and necessary advice – to increase your chances of winning, in all qualifying tournaments you need to bet on favorites. And don’t pay attention to the fact that the odds on the strongest are small. Because hardly any of the favorites will allow itself to fail the Olympics on one of the first stages. If that happens, it’s very rare. But “dark horse” can not “shoot”, not pass in final competitions in these or other sports.

After qualifying rounds already you can take a chance and in decisive competitions put money on someone of the most successful “dark horses”. However, you can trust the noteworthy favorites as well. The main rule of all amateurs to play with betting shops is not to place very big bets on a particular athlete. Otherwise, bookmakers may suspect some kind of rootstock and remove the athlete or match involving the team from their “lineup”. However, there is no trouble-free winning recipe here, anything can happen.

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