How the last Olympic Games went out

The emblem of the games was a hero named Ilanaak – a “friend” composed of five Olympic colors. Two of the game’s mottos were borrowed from Canada’s anthem: phrases in French’s “Most Brilliant Feats” and in English “With Flaming Hearts”.

The original Olympics opening scenario was amended. A few hours before the ceremony it became known about the tragedy – the sportsman – a sledge from Georgia crashed at training. A moment of silence was included in the ceremony, and the Georgia national team came out wearing mourning armbands.

During the lighting of the Olympic flame, a small casus occurred. For the first time, four athletes participated in the procedure. But due to a technical glitch, only three “chutes” appeared leading to the main torch. However, during the closing ceremony this situation was ironically beaten. On the scene appeared the very guilty “electrician”, he apologized and retrieved the missing fourth element in the design of the Olympic flame.

The main stadium of the games was the BC-Place in downtown Vancouver, with a capacity of 55,000 spectators. In addition, some competitions were held in Whistler, Richmond, and West Vancouver.

From February 12—28, 82 teams competed for prizes in 15 disciplines. Compared to the previous Olympic Games, the list of disciplines was added: Ski-cross competitions were added, separately among men and women.

The medals at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver were unique, stylized in Canada’s indigenous art tradition. For the first time in the history of the Olympics, the awards were not flat, but with an undulating surface.

The Russians have remembered these games as some of the unlucky ones for the national team. The Winter Olympics became a record failure — Russians showed the worst result in the number of gold medals and place in the all-team competition. In the medal standings the national team was only on number 11 of the table. The first place by the number of “gold” was taken by the hosts of the XXI Winter Olympic Games, on the second place — Germany, on the third — the USA team.

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