How Sochi residents feel about hosting the Olympics in the city

Problem preparation Preparation

for this project lasts exactly 7 years. And all these years, Sochi residents have been plagued by a lack of basic amenities, an enlarged police force and incessant roadworks. There are often conversations among Sochi people about where to leave before March! The

feelings of these people can be understood. Mass preparation, hype, hype all affect the mood of the residents of this beautiful city. In addition, the measures of increased security create the people of Sochi feeling as if they have declared wartime. People are tired every day of seeing soldiers, trenches and guns. But it is worth understanding that all this is done for the good of the population and the successful hosting of the Games.

The “Olympic” rules of the road also create a nervous environment. These are, sort of, additions to current regulations restricting the freedom of drivers. It is worth saying that for several years the speed of motor vehicles in the provincial city does not exceed 20 km/h. And it is also the preparation for the Olympics.

Difficulties due to communal structure

Due to preparation, planned blackouts were often in effect in Sochi. Some neighborhoods were left without power for weeks. And, since the connection of facilities has already begun, the situation for Sochi residents will not improve soon. Naturally, it has a negative impact on the emotional state of Sochi.

Here are some other irritants: in December, all the central areas of the city were without heating; in January, three huge residential areas were left without hot water; the lack of light causes actively use electrical appliances, which in turn leads to increased accidents due to overload.

Many tourists, spectators and athletes are looking forward to February 7 – the start of the Games. The residents of Sochi notice that more joy will bring them not the opening, but the closing of the Sochi Olympics — 2014.

As for residents of the Caucasus regions, they will not be welcome at the upcoming games, and in Sochi will not be allowed. This was stated by human rights activist Mahomed Mutsolgov. This discrimination adds upsets to the hearts of Sochi.

Therefore, Sochi residents can lament what is happening. Preparation of the event takes away from them joy and peace. Moreover, they are worried about transport and the condition of the roads at the time of the Games. Will they be able to get to work without any problems at this time or will they have to stand in traffic for a long time. We hope these and other problems will be solved and Sochi residents can be proud of the World Olympics, which took place in their hometown!

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