Why dont girls have a cady

Kadyk is formed when two thyroid cartilage plates are splintered. The vocal cords in men are much longer than in women, so the angle of their connection turns out to be sharper. The laryngeal protrusion is therefore more pronounced. Although there are differences in size of the “adamov apple” in young people as well. In some men, this detail of the body is far forward, resembling the keel of the ship, in others the melting of cartilage occurs at a blunt angle, so looks such a kadik more delicate.

Another reason that explains that the cartilaginous protrusion of the larynx in women is less visible is the presence of a fat layer. It is present in all girls, whether they are overweight or not.

Sometimes some women have a fairly pronounced “adamovo apple”, usually in these cases other secondary male sex signs are present (excess hairy, rough voice, structure figure according to masculine type). It has been linked to hormonal disorders in the body.

Kadyk is actively involved in human voice formation, he is a kind of resonator. Struggling cartilage protects the vocal cords, controls their tension. Since the shape of “adamov apple” in men and women is different, the height and timbre of the voice also differ.

The appearance of a pronounced cadyk in men explains the Bible as well. It is enough to remember the history of Adam and Eve’s sin to understand where the ill-fated fruit in the throat of the first man came from. The woman was more susceptible to everything new, but the representative of the strong sex couldn’t swallow the piece, and now “adamovo apple” reminds people of committing sin.

Mammal animals have cadyks as well as humans. Thanks to the varied shape of this cartilaginous organ, the beasts make the most amazing and different sounds. For example, elephants can form infra- and bats can form ultrasounds.

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