Where the oranges come from

Origin of the word “orange”

In Russian translation, the word “Apfelsine” means “Chinese apple”. The name itself symbolizes the country in which this fruit grows in great abundance. If you look at the deeper roots of the word “orange”, you can notice that it is related to the Dravidian word “fragrance”, which is also very symbolic. After all, oranges are incredibly fragrant fragrant fruits, able to fill the whole room with their smell in minutes.

In the 14th century, the word “orange” appeared in English and began to sound like “orange”. Later from this the word took its origin name of the color, matching in color with the peel of the bright succulent fruit.

The birthplace of oranges


historical homeland of oranges is China, and these fruits have appeared there more than 4 thousand years ago. Orange trees come with sweet or sour fruits. In Europe initially hit sour varieties of citrus fruit. It happened in the early 15th century. The existence of sweet fruits in these countries at the time was not guessed. Later, around the end of the 15th century, when trade and economic ties between the West and the East were established, the sweet fruit reached the territory of Europe. This juicy sweet citrus began to be considered a luxury and could afford it only very well-off notables. Therefore, in the 15th century orange trees on the territory of Europe grew only in the gardens of kings and grandees. The climate of cold European countries did not allow orange trees to grow in open ground, so closed orangeries were built for them.

In the wild, sweet oranges are impossible to meet. They were brought out and started growing by the Chinese, and then spread them to other countries.

In Russia, juicy fragrant fruits appeared only in the 18th century. Prince Menshikov heard from overseas companions about the miracle fruit and decided to grow them in huge orangeries around his palace. Catherine II after some time gave the beautiful palace surrounded by orange trees the beautiful name “orange tree”. Later even invented a special coat of arms, representing a silver canvas with an orange tree depicted on it. The

benefit of oranges

Wonderful orange citrus contains a huge amount of vitamins, minerals and salts needed by the body. Most of all oranges are valued precisely because of the high content of ascorbic acid and potassium. With external exposure to orange juice on wounds and cuts, the healing effect of the fruit is observed. And among other things, oranges are a wonderful antidepressant.

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