Where is the largest diamond

‚ÄúCullinan‚ÄĚ, is the name of the largest nugget diamond ‚ÄĒ nothing more than the surname of the owner of the mine on which the diamond was found. The event took place in the year 1905, when only one significant diamond mining site was known in the world, the Copis of South Africa, located along the banks of the Orange and Waal rivers.

Travel to Europe and cut At that time,

the Transvaal Republic was located on the territory of present South Africa. The stone found became known to her government, which purchased the find for 150,000 pounds, despite the fact that the real value of the diamond at the time was in excess of 8 million (the present value of the stone, even without cut is equivalent to the price of 94 tons of gold). Prior to the purchase, the stone was put up for general review in a Johannesburg bank. Visitors were amazed by the purity of the find – it lacked air bubbles, mineral inclusions – diamond of 3106 carats or 621.2 g weight was crystal clear.

The government of the republic decided to send the diamond to England, as a birthday present, to King Edward VII. It was officially announced that a special ship with security would be commissioned. However, in order to confuse intruders, the diamond was sent by regular mail. One way or another, but the stone ended up in the UK. The king decided to break the largest find of the century into several parts.

To perform such an operation as well as to produce a cut was entrusted to the best jeweler of the time, Assker. The challenge was to find the perfect spot on the stone for breaking. The master studied the ‚Äúsubject‚ÄĚ for several months and such a place was found. The split process was watched by several eminent jewelers. The operation was successful, – as a result there were 9 large pieces (the heaviest weighed 530.2 carats) and 105 small ones. They all went to the cut. And one, at 69 carats, still left unprocessed. The master’s work was generously paid for – he received 102 diamonds remaining after the separation of ‚ÄúCullinan‚ÄĚ.

Where are diamonds today

In 1910, the Prime Minister of South Africa bought back all the placer from Assker to give diamonds to Queen Mary of Great Britain who is about to ascend to the throne. So all the fragments of the largest diamond in the world ended up in Europe. The largest diamond, the ‚ÄúBig Star of Africa‚ÄĚ at one time crowned Edward VII’s scepter, and now is located in London (Tower). The stone has 74 faces and a drop-shaped shape – if it is pulled from the scepter, it will turn out a graceful brooch. ‚ÄúCullinan 3″, ‚ÄúCullinan 4″ are also kept in the Tower. The 5th ‚ÄúCullinan‚ÄĚ is made as a heart, the 6th ‚ÄúCullinan‚ÄĚ King Edward VII presented as a gift to Queen Alexandra and that to Queen Mary. ‚ÄúCullinan 7″ was first made as a suspension, but later housed in Queen Alexandra’s crown. ‚ÄúCullinan 8″ is a brooch, and ‚ÄúCullinan 9″ adorns the ring. All parts of the famous South African find are in England.

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