Where did the expression “panic fear” go

Mythology In

order to understand the origin of the expression “panic fear”, it is necessary to address the mythology of the ancient Greeks. According to their belief, on Mount Olympus lived the god of agriculture, fertility, cattle breeding. It was also considered the patron saint of all forest dwellers. That god’s name was Pan. Once he was born, immediately horribly scared his parents. The fact is that the deity turned out to be a small horned man, possessing a small goat beard. Besides, the baby didn’t have time to perform day, he started running, stomping loudly, cheerfully hustling and making noise. Everyone who saw it was very scared.

However, despite everything, the gods of Olympus were happy about the appearance of the baby, because in any case he was one of them — also a god. All the more Pan turned out to be a very cheerful, deliberate and good-natured kid. He was very talented and even invented the flute, played beautifully on it, giving out beautiful tunes.

But that was what the gods knew. And simple shepherds, hunters and worshippers, hearing in forests or plantings an obscure strange noise or rustling, whistling or unexpected crackling. Started to have inexplicable fear. They were sure that all these sounds were being made by Pan. In the end, people freaked out what wasn’t really scary at all.

Hence the expression “panic fear”. It expresses causal, comprehensive, sudden and inexplicable horror.

About panic fear This fear

arises suddenly and unexpectedly, without any obvious and visible reason. And therefore becomes a real stress, which is very difficult to deal with. A person is always frightened of everything inexplicable, and this sense of fear remains in the memory for a long time.

Some people even face a panic attack. That being said, the feeling of fear arises absolutely suddenly and has no apparent reason. It can be very difficult to cope with such an attack on your own. Under the action of fear, the autonomic nervous system is activated. This is manifested by the pallor of the skin, trembling, numbness of the hands, difficulty breathing, drying of the mucous in the oral cavity, upset stomach and other unpleasant symptoms.

In order to get rid of the state of panic, it is necessary to calm down, breathe deeply and switch attention. For example, have tea, take a sedative, talk to a loved one. But the main thing is to try to understand that there is no threat to life and health.

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