When there will be the end of the world and why

Christian Apocalypse

End Times is very detailed in the Revelation of John the Theologian. According to traditional Christian teaching, earthly life is a test of the spirit, all mankind must pass this path to the end. Before the end, people will be given signs “having ears will hear”, will reflect and they will have time to repent, the rest will be kept in the dark, and the Judgment of God will be done over them.

According to the prediction of Saint Malachy, the end of the world will come after the death of 112 Pope, i.e., after the death of the incumbent Pope Benedict

Signs of the Apocalypse are considered to be what the seven angels will herald by trumpet voices. When the Lord will command them to do so. The first sign is a hail and fire, mixed with blood, and the second is a huge blazing mountain that will plunge into the sea. The third sign is the star “Wormwood” fallen from the sky, the fourth is the eclipse of a third part of the sun and moon, so that the day will become like night. The fifth sign is a star from the sky, which will be “given the key to the clade of the abyss”. Smoke will come out of the hoardage, it will eclipse the Sun and the stars, poison the air, and the locusts will come out of the smoke, which will cause damage only to people for five months. The sixth angel will have to release the four angels bound at the Euphrates River. Then the seventh angel will herald that the “secret of God” has been accomplished — the Day of Judgment has come. After that time no longer will be — the end of the world will come and the terrible judgment will be done.

Scientific versions of the end of the world

The exact date — the end of the world will come in five billion years, when the Sun will increase in size, turn into a red giant and absorb all the planets earth group. This process will not be one moment, before it for a long time the Sun will grow, mankind will have time to develop technology and relocate to another solar system.

Alternative: in two billion years the tectonic processes will stop, the Earth’s core will cool, the atmosphere will disappear.

The closer end of the world is predicted by scientists due to increased solar activity, intense melting of Arctic ice and subsequent shifting of magnetic and geographical poles.$ As a result of tectonic disturbances, all volcanoes will wake up, earthquakes will begin, giant tsunamis will come. These events will be disastrous for all mankind, and units of billions will be saved.

Ozone holes already fixed around the globe today will increase in size and cosmic radiation will kill everything alive on the planet in a matter of days or months. The same thing can happen if, for a short period of time, the Earth loses its magnetosphere.

2021 according to some scientists may be the last year in the history of mankind, because the inversion of magnetic poles by this time should be completed.

Falling to earth a giant asteroid, comet or colliding with another planet. An unlikely outcome, however, scientists are keeping a close eye on the movements of the largest and most potentially dangerous cosmic bodies that could woo humanity’s premature Armageddon.

One of them asteroid Apophiz — should pass in dangerous proximity to Earth in 2029. Modern “prophets” claim that he will cause the end of the world.

One of 20 supervolcanoes that exist on the planet, can wake up at any time, its eruption will cause the never-before-seen force of an earthquake and tsunami. The most dangerous is now believed to be Yellowstone supervolcano, with a 150 kilometre long caldera, which began to provide signs of life after the Alaska earthquake in early 2013.

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