What products are holes

Cheese To make cheese

, manufacturers add complex enzymes, bacteria and special fungi to milk, thanks to which cheese gets a certain look and taste . Added bacteria turn milk sugar into gas โ€” this occurs after the formation of a stiff outer crust on the surface of the cheese. As a result of the cheese maturation, the gas searches for exits through the crust and accumulates in the cheese mass, forming numerous bubbles. Once the cheese is cut into pieces, these bubbles burst and turn into holes.

The longer the cheese is aged and the more hardness it possesses, the larger the size the holes in it have.

According to a law of the United States of America, the diameter of cheese holes shall be at least one third of an inch and not greater than one third of an inch. three of his quarters. However, some manufacturers claim that these indicators do not meet gold quality standards for cheese products. Properly made cheese should have a hole diameter of one to five centimeters, roughly matching the size of a large cherry, they said. Only if these conditions are met, the cheese can qualify for the status of a high quality and properly aged product.

Bagels are

called a round culinary product of traditional Russian cuisine made of wheat dough, which was first treated with hot steam or boiled in water, and then later baked. Bagels are often referred to as dryers, pretzels or bursts, depending on the softness, humidity and diameter of the hole of the manufactured product.

Bagels are popularly referred to as various round-shaped items with a hole in the middle โ€” such as a rudder or a wheel.

The hole in the bagel is originally intended to put a rope through it, on which bagel ligaments were previously sold in stores. Today it is nothing more than a tradition, besides, bagels are comfortable to keep even young children – enough to put a finger in it and, in addition to food, the child gets also an entertaining toy.

There are many ways to prepare bagels โ€” they are made from fresh dough, with pastry poppy, caramelized, sprinkled with salt, cinnamon or cumin. Bagels are often used as a beer snack โ€” bagels with minced meat, sesame or dates are ideal for this purpose. Sweeds adore Polish seed bagels, custard bagels, buttered bagels and bagels whistles.

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