What is naked yoga

yoga pose, or asana, is a certain body position combined with internal concentration on a particular organ, body part or energy center. You can’t call the ancient Indian system just exotic gymnastics. Rather, it is a whole philosophical system in which, through the perfection of the body, man reaches the apex of spirit and unity from across the universe. Therefore, for a better sense of self in space, the ease of execution of asanas, the elaboration of various provisions, the practitioner can be completely exposed. This is the “naked yoga” in which there is no room for clothing, even to cover intimate places.

America — ahead of the planet all

The first followers of the direction appeared in California, back in the late sixties of the last century. In the heyday of hippies, LSD and sexual revolution, many interesting kinds of teachings, philosophical systems, practices were born. “Naked Yoga” became one of such fashion trends, as evidenced by films made in those days.

Yoga in the nude is sometimes called Naga-Sadhu – a way of comprehending oneself and the world through yoga in complete nudity.

For a long 30 with a few years, performing practices in the nude was the domain of a few followers. And it wasn’t until 1998 that the first official yoga studio, Midnight Yoga for Men, opened. It was a kind of impetus in the development of the practice and its spread, first in America and then in the world.

Benefits of practicing in the nude

If you’re naked, your body becomes available to nature. You can observe it from the side in the wall mirror. Follow the correct execution of asanas, position in space, concentrate on practice and not be distracted. Gradually you start loving your body, paying more attention to the little things, striving to achieve perfection.

You do not interfere with clothing, all errors of practice are visible, every detail, previously invisible, is now important.

You can engage in silence of your own home, away from curious eyes and possible misunderstanding of others. Or go to yoga class for a group class. And in the latter case, the initial hesitation will gradually be replaced by promiscuity and self-confidence.

Do not get lost about a sexual or erotic moment in practice. This is far from the main and even dangerous phenomenon for your direction of physical and spiritual development. Perhaps in the beginning unnecessary thoughts will haunt you, but then the beauty and plastic will open, flexibility and grace, confidence and tranquility. Yoga gurus are warned that it is better to completely give up sex or keep moderation in it if there is a firm intention to get the most useful out of classes.

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