What is luck

Luck or success?

Luck can be considered only what happened suddenly, fell from the sky, but did not develop as a result of hard work. The latter is generally called a success because it depends almost entirely on the actions and efforts of a person, while luck is a combination of circumstances beyond human control.

Luck is a relative concept, in fact any positive event in life can be considered its manifestation. Usually luck accompanies those who are diligently going towards some stated goal. That being said, it’s important not to confuse luck with success. The simplest example: if you throw a coin, the probability of falling out will be fifty by fifty. If you constantly bet on an eagle and it falls several times in a row – it’s luck, because at the moment of tossing a coin nobody can know how it will fall. A success can be called the situation with the foundering of a coin, which has two eagles or two finches, that is, the probability of falling out of one of the parties is equal to one hundred percent, or zero. A successful person in this case puts on the existing side of the coin, as he knows about this feature.

Success comes to those who worked to get it. If you improve in some sphere, perform a known sequence of actions, work on getting a result, success will surely come. Luck comes to optimists who continue to perform some actions despite the lack of confidence in the result. Over success, man is overbearing, over luck – not.

Do not rely solely on luck

However, it is not enough to be just lucky, luck is an ephemeral thing that requires quick solutions. A truly fortunate person can only be described as someone who makes the most out of the circumstances that arise in his favour. It’s quite difficult to call a lucky person who doesn’t enjoy suddenly opening opportunities.

It is worth considering that luck is a lady changeable, earned success will remain with you forever, because even in the most unpleasant circumstances, losing everything, you will know that you have already achieved once meaningful result through perseverance and hard work.$ The player who ripped off the bush will never be so sure of his future, because in essence he owes everything to simple randomness that may never happen again for the rest of his life.

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