What is a hookah

Hookah device

Any hookah consists of the following basic details:

– glass flask, in which water is poured;
– Tobacco bowls over which are located coal or other heating element
– a metal tube shaft which is submerged and connects a bowl and a flask
– a hose with a mouthpiece.

The principle design of the hookah never changes, although the decoration can be anything. These days, electric heaters, which come to replace charcoal, are increasingly spreading.

Once a smoker draws air through the mouthpiece, there is a pressure difference that contributes to increased air inflow near coal (or other heating element). This process heats tobacco in a cup, it releases smoke-steam mixture. Afterwards, smoke passes through the mine and the water that is contained in the flask, being cleaned in a similar manner. This purified smoke is then inhaled by the smoker.

Tobacco and water for hookah

Connoisseurs recommend experimenting with a liquid in a flask that cleans smoke. You can use aromatic oils, tinctures, wine, milk as additives to water. Variations like this affect the smell of smoke quite strongly.

Do not forget to purchase tongs for coal, it will make it easier for you to carry it.

Specialized hookah tobacco is best used as tobacco. Although there are lovers of smoking through hookah pipe or cigarette tobacco, the result of such experiments is usually not impressive, as neither pipe nor cigarette tobacco are prepared in a special way . True tobacco for hookah consists of plant components of natural origin. It includes small amounts of nicotine, aromatic oils and honey. The smoke from such tobacco is very sweet and tart. You can choose hookah for your taste in many specialized stores, options of aromas exist hundreds. The highest quality is Egyptian tobacco, though, and it costs more. It ‘s

better to choose hookahs with regular clay tobacco bowls, don’t choose ceramic bowls, they cool down too quickly.

When choosing a hookah, pay attention to several important parameters. First, small hookahs with a height of thirty or forty centimeters will only be suitable for the role of bad souvenirs. Smoking tobacco through them will not bring pleasure. Secondly, choose a hookah with one tube, variations with several tubes appeared as a result of the spread of hookahs and are not authentic, besides through them it is extremely uncomfortable to smoke. Third, choose hookahs with glass flasks, this allows you to estimate the water level, which can be crucial. Fourth, always check the tightness of the hookah before buying.

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