Is there life after death

What lies behind the last line

Modern research is reduced to stating the fact that unambiguous evidence of the absence or presence of posthumous there is no existence. Basic science in principle does not engage in research in this field, because the question of the existence of an immortal soul goes beyond scientific knowledge, being a field of theological views.

And yet there are specialists who thoroughly study eyewitness testimonies, which can be attributed to experiencing transcendental experience and staying in the spiritual world. Typically, similar conditions occur in clinical death. At this point, a man’s life literally hangs in the balance.

It is believed that in a state of clinical death, the soul leaves the body and enters into contact with foreign entities, and after such spiritual contact returns.

Serious scientists explain such individual experience quite reasonable reasons: violation of the blood supply and failure of the vestibular apparatus that leads to inevitable hallucinations, deception of perception, and a general disorder of consciousness. Those scientists who are less skeptical have compiled a certain list of experiences accompanying clinical death.

It is usually difficult for those who have experienced the experience of returning to life to describe their condition. But almost all of them are sure that they have visited the otherworldly world, which is almost impossible to describe in words, if based on earthly experience and familiar terms. Usually the dying clearly heard everything that was going on around them and even saw their body from the sidelines.

Visions were often accompanied by fine music. Most often in the descriptions was the image of the tunnel, at the end of which a very bright light was visible, causing a feeling of peace and peace.

Life after death: the point to set early

Scientists always strive to operate on facts and objective evidence, $ involving the possibility of testing in the course of the experiment.$ The spiritual dimension in which the immortal soul supposedly exists is not the object of the material world, it is devoid of physical characteristics. Therefore, no sensitive sensor is able to determine what those who experience experience is dealing with.

Summing up this, we can summarize that in the near future in the question of the existence of life after death it is unlikely to be possible to put a point. Materialistically minded scholars deny the possibility of posthumous existence and do not recognize the very concept of “soul”. Those who believe in having different dimensions of reality will never be content with even the strictest, shapest and persuasive statements of scientists.

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