How trees melt

You’ll need
  • – axe;
  • – bow saw;
  • – two-handed saw;
  • – chainsaw;
  • – long pole.

Examine the tree to select the correct direction for its roll. It is easiest to dump a tree in the direction of the best development of its bitches, as well as in the direction of natural inclination and curvature. If the trunk is flattened, the tree wallows towards the smallest diameter. Remember that even with the neatest roll, it is always possible to deflect the barrel to the side when falling.


Prepare a place for a roll. Shrub is recommended around the tree, and if work is carried out during winter, snow will be required near the trunk. Provide for yourself the opportunity to quickly walk away from the tree at the moment of its fall.


Bring over the barrel. It is important to choose the place of the girlfriend so as to ensure the desired direction of the tree fall The tree should be turned over from two sides: the one where you intend to put the trunk, as well as the opposite side. The depth of the female is usually one quarter or one third of the thickness of the tree. With strong natural tilt of the barrel, a deep female is not required.


Begin to skewering the tree. Make sure first that there are no strangers or pets near the site. Your selected saw start fueling the barrel in the horizontal plane, focusing on the female friend’s place. It is easiest to saw wood with a partner working with a two-hand saw. In this case, the sawkeeper must perform only one movement — pull the saw “on himself”. Otherwise the canvas can clamp.


A little without bringing the saw to the place of the lady friend, stop sawing. Now it is necessary to arm yourself with a long sixth and push the tree, moving one end of the herring into the trunk at the level of 3-4 meters from the surface of the ground. If the tree is small, you can push it not only the sixth, but also with your hands. Remember that it is forbidden to leave unattended rolled or not until the end of the piled tree.


Release the fallen tree from the bitches with an axe. If you intend to use the barrel for firewood or for other business needs, sawing and stockpiling it.

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