How to use scissors;


Baby scissors. Teaching a child should start at the age of 3. For starters, pick up scissors of this size so it’s convenient for him to hold them in his hand.


The selection of scissors should be carried out as follows: the tips should be rounded and respond to the individual characteristics of the child: for the right — the upper blade must be on the left side, and the left blade should be on the right side.


Preliminary work. First, you should give the child the opportunity to exercise in paper ripping, strength exercises, and then start learning.


Correct finger position. The thumb is put into one ring, and the middle one in the other. Scissors should look tips to the side. The index finger is placed on the ring, near the middle. Everyone else has to settle in the baby’s palm. A clear example of an adult is needed for better assimilation.


Paper work. After securing the correct position of the fingers, you can move to training. To do this, you must place a piece of paper above the level of the child When cut, the baby will automatically intercept the scissors more comfortable, which will eventually be the correct location.


A clear example. To better understand the child about the methods of working with scissors, the adult needs to show the whole sequence of actions: slowly cut the sheet and create shapes, commenting on each action. The main thing is to show patience and calm, as well as to provide any help to the child.


Nail trimming scissors. There are manicure scissors with different tips: sharp, rounded and curled.


Nail scissors should be trimmed nails, burrs and cuticles. Preliminary work is needed for the latter two actions. Nails are ringed with scissors with rounded ends.


Fuel your nails. Put your hands down in a salt bath. Cuticles can be removed with the help of a blade — raking to one side — and scissors with bent ends — neatly cut the skin. Burr should be cleaned with manicure scissors with sharp tips.


Also there are scissors for cutting hair, claws in dogs and cutting plastic and metal.

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