How to properly ignite a bonfire in a forest

You will need
  • – matches; – blade; – firewood; – melt.

Before you start breeding a bonfire, select a place for it. It is desirable that it be sheltered from rain and wind, removed from tents and tree roots. Choosing a location, clear the ground of twigs, dry leaves, grass and moss. It is safer to build bonfires on old bonfires, close to bodies of water or on special sites. If you know that there has been fighting in this area, investigate the bonfire site for unexploded combat supplies.


In no case do you create a bonfire under the crown of trees and between the tree roots that come to the surface. In this case, coniferous trees are especially dangerous, as they are flammable. Do not create fire among coniferous young and dry wood, as well as on areas with dry grass and on placers of stones, where there is a lot of forest combustible debris.


If there is a strong wind in the forest – dig a small hole, in which the bonfire will be bred. It is possible to lay the future hearth with stones (if any), they will help to save fuel, as they hold heat for a long time. The stones can be used to warm up the bed, as well as as as a heating stand for boilers.


For bonfire breeding it is very important to choose the right fuel. Dry firewood from hardwood trees does not smoke and birch wood is too moist. The small and dry scrub gives a strong flame, but burns in a couple of minutes. Firewood from hornbeam and oak will give excellent heat, such a bonfire can burn for two hours – an excellent option for cooking. Dry animal litter, dried wood and peat can also be used as fuel.


Put the collected firewood in the form of a house or a chalash. Down between the floors, place the melt — flammable materials. To do this, use resinous slivers, dry moss, coniferous tree bark, reeds or special liquids on a paraffin basis. Only to light the melt with the help of matches, they should be in the backpack of every tourist. A bonfire of this type is convenient for night lighting and cooking, but it requires a large amount of firewood to be assembled in advance.


To maintain the bonfire, adjust the amount of fuel required, the magnitude of the gaps between the beds and logs. If you are going to burn a fire all night, it is necessary to assign a watch for it so that the sleepers are not in danger. After the end of the hike, the bonfire should be carefully dimmed: pour it with water or fill it with sand until the total disappearance of shanks and smoldering coals, spread and pour again. Wait for him to stop hovering. The only way to avoid a forest fire.

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