How to get out of a cave


Do not panic. If you realized that you were lost, the most important thing in such a situation is to quietly accept this fact and morally prepare for the upcoming active actions. Panic won’t let you gather with thoughts. If you forget about all available benchmarks from fear, the situation will only worsen.


Act according to plan. If you were seriously preparing for the journey, you should have drawn up an emergency plan in advance. For example, if a person is lost, what should he give a signal (light, sound)? Should he wait for the band or seek his own way out? Is it possible to signal aid to rescuers from outside the cave?


Preferably, before going on a speleological trip notify the tourist club of the place, time and duration of the alleged takedown. Therefore, if you don’t get in touch at the appointed hour, a search operation will begin. These things should be discussed in advance between the members of the group.


Determine that the entire group is in collection. Only by making sure that no one has been lost can any steps be taken to rescue.


Try to remember the last place you moved according to the route. If you have a map and remember the time you were at a particular point, you can, given the average travel speed, calculate the distance to the desired location. If there were no forks on the way, it will not be difficult to find a known segment of the path.


Move along the walls. If you don’t have a card and no one will be looking for you, then you need to act as follows. Grope the wall and move in reverse. It doesn’t matter how many twists and turns, ultimately, to one exit or another you will get out. If the cave is not very large, then you will not have to wander for a long time.


When moving, focus on not tripping and getting injured. If the cave is big, then sooner or later you will still get out, but it will take a lot longer. Send light and sound distress signals whenever possible. There’s a chance they’ll be discovered and you’ll be helped.

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