How to distinguish a false mushroom from a real


White mushroom, or borovik is one of the most valuable and noble species of mushrooms. It is salted, boiled, dried, roasted, marinated. Its false assemblage bears the name gall fungus. They are hardly different in appearance. But if you look closely at the bottom of the hat, you can see significant differences. The false mushroom has a rose-tinged hat bottom. Breaking the gall fungus, a pinkish hue can be noticed. The true white mushroom does not change color when broken. If the mushroom mistakenly puts at least one gall mushroom in the basket, all prepared from the prey dish can be simply thrown out. It is imbued with a bitter taste. You can’t be poisoned with false white mushroom, but eating cooked food will be impossible.


The birch to taste resembles a white mushroom. The color of the hat has a dark or spotted color. False birch has a fairly light color, when the fault appears pink color. The leg contains seals.



entices can be distinguished by the bright yellow color of the hat and the solid plates. If you break the mushroom and start, the real stun will produce a pleasant mushroom smell. False stun smells like earth, tina, swamp, wood, but not mushrooms in any way.


Champignons collected in the forest can be mixed up with a pale pogab. If you look carefully at the real champignon, brown, brownish or pink plates can be noticed. Poganka has perfectly white plates. Pale poisoning is very dangerous for life, so you need to carefully consider the appearance of the mushroom and only then put it in the basket.

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