How the name affects the destiny


Beautiful original name helps a person through life. From school he is singled out from the crowd. Yes, it is demanded more, but at the same time the child learns to be responsible for his actions, so as not to shame the name. Conversely, too usual name introduces the child into the category of “middle men”. If there are five Kata in the class, they are perceived as a group, one. The child becomes accustomed to “not being high” and all his life does not commit real acts. Of course, much depends on everyone’s personality properties. But all the same, it is easier to get through in life with a beautiful name that people pay attention to.


If a child has been bullied since childhood because of their name, it can provoke two options for development. The first – the child learns to defend himself, gets knocked out in the leaders, and the kids just don’t dare call him out. He has a sense of self-worth, he behaves in a way that no one has any desire to make fun of him. Acquired as a child, this personality property helps a lot in adulthood. Such people succeed, hold leadership positions. Conversely, if a child cries, runs away from peers, a hurtful nickname can join him for life. She will sit deep in the subconscious and prevent competently speaking her opinion, to show initiative, to insist. Yes and how to be strong when a nasty nickname is constantly spinning in your head.


The name gives a man a lot, but he himself can achieve even more. It is not worth writing off all failures to an improper or overly common name. This factor can only be an excuse for a weak person. If you are not one, consider what prevents you from becoming successful. Most likely, in this list besides name will be laziness, inability to defend your own opinion, inability to communicate with others, etc. It is with these shortcomings worth working, not breaking your head over why parents didn’t bother to call you some way.

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